Who is Lumumba?
Lumumba is above all else an intelligent, compassionate and idealistic young man. He is well educated with the culminating credentials of a fellowship to China from John Hopkins University.

He is a leader with a questioning mind and was encouraged by his parents and teachers to focus his critical thinking on the injustices that exist. From his parents too came his sense of responsibility to contribute to the betterment of his fellow man.

All admirable qualities, but add the fact of his being Black and a Muslim in these times, and he can be seen as an obvious threat to the system. Better to imprison him during the prime of his life.

What mistakes did he make?

He was naïve enough to believe he could take a legal trip to China as he had done before over the past several years. Yet in post 9/11, not appreciating how such a trip would now be construed.

Following a break-in of his car in the parking lot of his residence, he felt it was his right to bear arms to protect his family and home.

He trusted a government plant coming to his place of worship pretending to be a devout Muslim.

For his legal though ill-advised trip to China, he was sentenced to 18 years!

His agreement to plead to conspiracy charges was the result of government pressure under threat of life imprisonment and came at the time a hearing was scheduled in court to determine the legality of the Patriot Act.

What can be done now?

Let our elected officials know that you will not tolerate malicious prosecution, profiling and scapegoating!

Write your congressperson and Congressman John Conyers, Mich., soon to be chairman of the House Judiciary Committee:
2426 Rayburn Bldg., Washington, DC 20515
202.225.5126, Fax 202.225.0072     

Mail letters of support to Lumumba:

Patrice Lumumba Ford. 96639-011

USP Victorville

P.O. Box 5500

Adelanto, CA 92301

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